Scarborough Mediation will provide a certified mediator at the rate of $175.00 per hour per party for two party mediations or $150.00 per hour per party in multiple party mediations.  For mediations held in Hillsborough County, there will be a 2 hour minimum charge per mediation.  For mediations held outside Hillsborough County, there will be a 3-hour minimum charge per mediation.  The total fee shall be divided equally between or among the parties unless otherwise agreed before or at the mediation.  We request payment within fifteen days of the date you are invoiced.  Invoices will be delivered at the conclusion of the mediation conference or faxed within 24 hours of the conclusion to each parties’ attorney.  Payment of our fee is NOT contingent upon receipt of settlement funds from a third party or closing of the court file or other conclusion of the litigation.

Services include attendance at mediation conferences, review of briefs and other written materials, participation in telephone or follow up conferences and any other services requested by the parties.

Scheduling Considerations

Mediations are typically scheduled to begin either at 9:00 am or 2:00 pm, EST. If the mediation will require more than 3 hours, please let us know and we can schedule it accordingly.

Please let us know how many people you expect to attend the mediation – – it may be necessary to move the location of so-called “global” or class action mediations to other facilities because of space and parking considerations.

Cancellation Policy:  For mediations cancelled within (5) business days of scheduled conference, there will be a 3-hour minimum charge divided by all parties.

An important note regarding cancellations: When we receive notice from a party that a mediation has cancelled, we assume that all parties are in agreement. Furthermore, it is our policy to call to confirm a mediation at least one week prior to the conference to ensure that it is still scheduled. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Copies of the style or pleading must be provided in advance of the scheduled appointment. Where this may not be applicable (pre-suit, as an example), please verify the appointment in writing and confirm the matter to be mediated. In addition, we require in advance the names of all attorneys who will be in attendance at the conference (or insurance adjusters/representatives if pre-suit) and who they represent. All such documention must be provided by email to